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My Little Piece of the Web

Unlike some people on the web, I'm not selling anything, or buying anything, or making anything, or selling anything made or bought, or buying anything sold or made...

I'm not trying to tell you my way is the right way. I'm not going to push any of my views or opinions on you. I'm just taking up a little piece of the Internet, as long as I have the space and time to maintain it.

Despite the apparent simplicity of my web site (really, there's more here for me than you get to see), I am an accomplished software developer and network engineer. I've been doing this since (EEK!) 1988. It's all I do, rain or shine, work or play.

Stuff on this site

Review my on-line resume to see if you can use me for a job or two... Or just to see if I do know the right way...

Note that I've been tinkering with blogging. Not that you care, but check out my blog if you want to increment my counters or comment on my blather...

Someone coerced me to create a Twitter account. Go ahead, tweet me...

Yeah, I'm on Facebook as well...

You can find me on LinkedIn.

Send me e-mail right from the web! Or send me mail the old fashioned way at [email protected].

Links I Use

Dilbert Who can go through a day without laughing at Dilbert? If you can, you're not working in the right places (or maybe you're a PHB).
Internet Request for Comments (RFC) provide the rules for how the Internet works. The Internet Engineering Task Force provides the official RFC document archive.
Here's a fun little RFC that gives an overview of the Internet: RFC1118.

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