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Brief Power Outage

  10/02/17 20:08, by , Categories: Blather , Tags: , ,

Let's hope this turns out to be nothing...

Oct 2 19:53:05 big64.local scsi: WARNING: /[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected],2/[email protected]/[email protected],0 (sd6):
Oct 2 19:53:05 big64.local Error for Command: read(10) Error Level: Fatal
Oct 2 19:53:05 big64.local scsi: Requested Block: 64 Error Block: 64
Oct 2 19:53:05 big64.local scsi: Vendor: TSSTcorp Serial Number:
Oct 2 19:53:05 big64.local scsi: Sense Key: Hardware_Error
Oct 2 19:53:05 big64.local scsi: ASC: 0x3e (timeout on LUN), ASCQ: 0x2, FRU: 0x0

There was a tremendous lightning strike, brief power outage, and then silence. I checked on the kids and house and then the servers. They were all off. I started them up again, and when booting the Sparc running the DB (which this blog uses) that icky error appeared.

Silver lining is that since the 300GB drives don't work in the other server, I've got two spares. Grey spot in that silver lining is I'm not sure I did the RAID completely accurate, and even if I did, I've never had cause to replace a drive. I'm sure I can identify which drive this is (I haven't gone down there, but I expect if it's still timing-out and failing that its drive light is blinking...the servers are good at that), but I'm not sure if I plug it in it'll just format itself and fill in automatically... Maybe weekend experiments coming soon!

Worst case I have to rebuild the server again! EEK!

Then I started shopping for 1500VA UPS...I need three...heh. Also, I need to turn on the big CPU server.

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New Server Up and Running

  09/14/17 14:06, by , Categories: Blather , Tags: ,

I might change how it's running, but everything is behaving well.

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New Server Disks Installed

  08/08/17 09:36, by , Categories: Blather , Tags: ,

The smaller SAS drives arrived a week or so ago, but I didn't have time to get them installed until I happened to be waiting for something else yesterday. I plugged them in, and, sigh, nothing. At first. I did get it worked out.

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New Server Disks Ordered

  07/20/17 08:37, by , Categories: Blather , Tags: , ,

Unable to find some place from which I can get service and a legit download of the necessary firmware (even from a questionable site), I've decided to order a couple of the smaller supported drives to get the box working.

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New Server Still Not Up

  07/19/17 00:26, by , Categories: Blather , Tags: , ,

I admitted it was probably folly, but I got the Sun Fire X4600 M2. It's in the lab, but still not running.

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New Server Coming

  06/19/17 11:15, by , Categories: Blather , Tags: , ,

In probably another folly move, I've ordered another big server.

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Still Not Blogging

  04/17/17 18:14, by , Categories: Blather

Not avoiding blogging, just very busy. Lots of things have happened this year, and I should probably say more about them. Maybe later.

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