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Still Not Blogging

  04/17/17 18:14, by , Categories: Blather

Not avoiding blogging, just very busy. Lots of things have happened this year, and I should probably say more about them. Maybe later.

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All New Year

  01/13/17 15:02, by , Categories: Blather

Has it really been a half year since I've blogged. I need to get better at this.

Resolution: write more.

That's all for now.

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New HDD Repairs MBP

  07/12/16 16:52, by , Categories: Blather , Tags:

I was able to replace the failed HDD with a new hybrid drive and install Mac OS Sierra Beta without a hitch.

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Apple OS Sierra Beta Breaks MBP

  07/10/16 12:34, by , Categories: Blather , Tags:

The headline might be a little misleading, but trying to install the Apple OS Sierra Beta led to a series of events that seems to have rendered my MBP inoperable for the moment.

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Replacing Fluorescent Lights With LED

  06/18/16 14:00, by , Categories: Blather , Tags:

It seems that a number of our fluorescent bulbs went out all at once. In our house, this means 10 or moreĀ at once; four or five fixtures with two or four tubes. We had some left in the last bulk puirchase we made, but fell short of filling all of the fixtures with new bulbs.

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Ubuntu 16.04 Upgrade

  04/25/16 18:11, by , Categories: Blather , Tags: , ,

Ubuntu OS 16.04, named Xenial Xerus, was released.

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Updated Server, Broke Stuff

  04/22/16 14:28, by , Categories: Blather , Tags: ,

The new OS version for the server came out, so after testing it a little bit I took the plunge and did the upgrade. Lots of things broke.

Five hours of overnight effort and a few more after a little nap, and it seems like the only thing not working is send-mail auth (no one can auth, so no one can send mail). Still working. More to come.

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